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Alimony & Maintenance Attorney

Alimony, or maintenance, refers to the legal obligation of an individual, requiring them to send financial support to their former spouse. These payment arrangements can vary based on each case. My goal is to provide legal representation on behalf of your best interests and a guide to finding a final resolution in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Since no two cases are the same, I will evaluate your specific circumstances and work with you on ways to ensure your best interests are being cared for at every turn. I will be there to guide you, explain all of the available options for your case, and advise you on the ways forward.

My dedication to family law has given me the capacity, as well as experience to handle a wide range of cases. Given the impact that an alimony decision can have on your financial future, I will help protect you and your financial rights. In the end, I will strive to reach the most favorable outcome possible in your alimony dispute.

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