Post Judgement Modifications

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Post-judgment Modifications

The final judgment for dissolution of marriage sets up alimony payments, child support, custody, and other family matters. However, as your family’s needs change, the final judgment may need a post-judgment modification.

Having legal representation when you’re pursuing a modification of your final judgment is extremely crucial. With legal advice and counsel, I can help to represent your case with the utmost clarity and determination, in order to achieve a fair agreement that is in favor of the best interests of all affected parties.

I can help you determine the best options for your needs and guide you through the post-judgment process, including organizing and providing all necessary documentation of your changing needs. I will work on your behalf to ensure any modification is done in a timely manner and in your best interest within the law.

With my specialty in family law, I will be by your side from initial consultation, court proceedings, mediation, and a constant support system until a resolution is achieved.