Back To School Tips For Divorced Couples

Once the divorce is finalized, it may be difficult for both parties to envision themselves being on the same team, but this is precisely what is needed when it comes to your children going back to school. No matter how bitter or divisive the divorce proceedings have been, it’s important to set aside your differences […]

Estate Planning For Divorced Couples

While a couple separating is a tragic event, it triggers the need for changes to two people’s estates. We offer specialized services to help divorced couples reevaluate their estate, change their beneficiaries, update living wills and trusts, and address pressing financial issues that loved ones will have to contend with after their passing. Change Your […]

How to Put the Children First in a Divorce Case

While it’s true that all children are affected to some extent by divorce, the degree to which it will has everything to do with your actions. You can make it more difficult for them to handle based on what you do or don’t do, or you can make it easier. It’s important to understand how […]

Tips for Arranging Custody For Vacation

The difficulty with custody arrangements comes in planning for potentially 18 years worth of important events that may affect both parents. This is especially true when it comes to vacations. While it may seem unnecessary for parents with an amicable relationship to include currently unplanned vacations in a custody agreement, a detailed custody agreement can […]

7 Reasons You May Need a Post-Judgment Modification

A decision by a judge in a divorce case may seem final, but when the circumstances that influenced that decision change, so can the terms and conditions of a divorce. Challenging specific aspects of a divorce is called a post-judgment modification. Here are the top 7 reasons why you should consider a post-judgment modification. 1. […]