What is Marital Property in Florida?

Divorce can be frustrating and an emotional situation for all parties involved, but it may be inevitable. During the divorce process, the courts will look at your finances, property and other instances to determine how to give both parties a fair share of the assets. Two terms you need to become familiar with are marital […]

Tips for Arranging Custody Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time to be with family, share laughs and have a good time. If you co-parent, arranging custody over the holidays is important. You want to make sure your child spends time with both sides of their family. Use these tips to help you make custody arrangements for the holidays. Follow All […]

How Can Divorce Affect Estate Planning?

Divorce can have short term effects and a long-lasting impact on both the couple and their children. The process is usually associated with trauma, strained relationships, emotional problems and financial stress. Divorce can also affect estate planning, disrupting both your present-day life and your future plans. Here are some of the changes you may need […]

The Difference Between Community Property and Equitable Division

Community property and equitable division are two popular terms you will come across during your divorce settlement. Primarily, they are classifications for property owned by couples and define how they are shared during a divorce settlement. Arizona, Louisiana, Nevada, California, Washington, New Mexico, Texas, Wisconsin and Idaho are the only community property states. This means […]

Why did I start Bergman Family Law?

Most of the time, in the field of family law, a client only engages a lawyer when something goes wrong. Either a marriage has ended, an ex-spouse is not making their court-ordered payments, someone violates a marital settlement agreement, one parent is not abiding by the time-share agreement, or, something worse, an individual has been the subject of abuse.